9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hong Kong And Macau In 2024

Singapore trip in 2024
Singapore trip in 2024

Hong Kong and Macau are two of the most lovely destinations to tour in the eastern part of the world. The beauty of both these places is still underrated by the people. Inspect some of the most amazing skyscrapers and taste delicious food in Hong Kong, followed by a visit to the “The Las Vegas of Asia” – Macau. Both Hong Kong and Macau are the perfect mixture of traditional and modern culture. So, here we are going to provide you with the 9 reasons why you must visit and book Hong Kong and Macau package in 2024.

  1. The dim sums are just irresistible: A number of tourists from all over the world visit Hong Kong and Macau, only to taste their delicious cuisines. The taste of the dim sum is just unmatched. So, if you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong and Macau, never ever dare to give a miss to dim sums. Apart from this, also try the Portuguese fried rice along with charcoal roasted seafood and African chicken. These are just delicious at these places.
  2. Skyscrapers – the best thing to stare in Hong Kong: Why visit New York as all the mesmerizing skyscrapers are here in Hong Kong. Inspect the beauty of these building in Hong Kong who will always amaze you, no matter it is a day or night. The scene is just scintillating. On your tour, pay a visit to Hong Kong Tower, for the amazing sight of Hong Kong city.
  3. Go for Hiking in 2019 in Hong Kong: Apart from the tall buildings and skyscrapers, there are many more beautiful things to do in Hong Kong. A very few people know that the scrappers cover only one-third part of Hong Kong. So, the remaining two-third part of Hong Kong is equipped with beautiful mountains, enchanting forests, and pristine beaches. Hence, go hiking in Hong Kong in order to make your trip a bit more thrilling. Explore Hong Kong from a different level.
  4. Explore the Parks and Garden: Both Hong Kong and Macau are full of nature’s beauty. When you are in Hong Kong, pay a visit to the famous Disneyland Park and Ocean Park. No matter you are going on a trip with family or friends, these two destinations of Hong Kong should never be skipped by anyone. In Macau, the parks and gardens are the complete blends of nature and culture of Macanese history. Visit the Fortaleza do Monte – one of the oldest structures of Macau, built in the year 1617. Other than this beautiful structure, there are many other gardens too which the tourist must pay a visit like the Garden of Arts, Coloane Park, Hac Sa Bay Park, Garden of Montanha Russa, Victory Garden, Casa Garden, and the Sun Yat Sen Park.
  5. Shopping Havens: Shopaholics are going to love their trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Both these places are splendid with the best stuff from all over the world. Hong Kong and Macau bring to you the best selling Chinese souvenirs and top most brands from all over the world. Also, one can visit the bargain shops to purchase stuff. Note that if you are a shopaholic, then plan to visit during the Chinese new year, as there will be great deals and discounts on all the products.
  6. Nightlife is just uncomparable: One of the major attractions of Hong Kong and Macau is their nightlife.The nightlife of hong kong is just amazing. The life in Hong Kong is never off. Hop in the bars, nightclubs with your loved ones to make the best of the night in Hong Kong. Some of the best places to explore the nightlife of Hong Kong are Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, and Lan Kwai Fong.
  7. The Cultural Blend: When you are in Macau, you get to explore the unique combination of Portuguese and Chinese Culture. Macau is a great mixture of ancient and modern tradition. Don’t miss to visit Macau’s old town, one of the most beautiful attractions of Macau and is one the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The beauty of this place is just unmatched.
  8. Visit the Largest Gambling Center: As we have already mentioned that Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia. So, enjoy at the largest gambling center (as in 2006) in Macau. This place deserves a visit.
  9. Enjoy on Beach: Finish the beautiful Hong Kong and Macau trip with a visit to the beach. Both these places are equipped with some of the finest beaches and one of them is Hac Sa Beach – the largest beach of Macau.


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