Top 6 Ways To Pull Off Nude Lipstick Without Looking Washed Out


A nude lip is going to stay as trends come and go. Wearing this color is a great shortcut if you want to look and appear sleek and sophisticated with the least amount of difficulty. Although this shade can make your complexion perfectly dazzling and glowing, it can be very tricky! A lot of things can go wrong with a nude lipstick, from making your lips look dry and lifeless and can erase your lips looking like a zombie. However, if you know how to choose the perfect shade of nude on your lips and the right way to apply it, you can definitely pull it off without looking like you’ve been sick for three days! Here, we reveal 5 ways that can help you out.

#1. What’s Your Undertone?

Do you know that nude lipsticks are created from the inspiration of varying skin tones? Before there are nudes that are literally nudes and to avoid that dull and boring shade, many brands have created hues such as mauve, pink, and even purple, being blended into the shade. So how would you know what your undertone is? If you can identify your undertone, you can easily pick what shade of nude will look suitable for your skin. Take a look on the inside of your wrist and identify what color your veins are that show through the skin. If you have blue veins then you have a cool undertone, and if you have a slightly greenish hue, you’re warm. If you think you are in between, then you have neutral undertones.

  • Cool Undertones: Opt for rosy pink nudes
  • Warm Undertones: Stay with warm colors such as peachy pinks, and rich golds.
  • Neutral Undertones: Any shade will do, but neutral beige is the best.

If you are still having the difficulty identifying your undertone, peachy nudes would look good in any skin tones since this is universally flattering. One tip you shouldn’t forget is whatever your undertone is, don’t ever go lighter than the natural color of your bare lips. This will completely wash you out and will create an awkward disparity on your complexion.

#2. Even Out Your Lip Color

Before directly applying your nude lipstick, it is best recommended to use a lip liner as a base especially if you think your lips are discolored or uneven.

#3. Create a 3D Effect

Nude lipsticks are simply created for a natural look, so if you find your nude lip color too plain and washing you out, you can do dimensional on your lips. Kim Kardashian is the best example for this one if you notice that she always wear nudes for almost any look and dabs gloss on the middle portion of her lips. Another is to use a frosted nude lipstick over your favorite lip color, start in the middle then blend it outward. Or try the reverse way by using a darker shade on the sides of your lips and start blending your way up towards the middle. Gradient effect on the lips will give illusion for fuller and plumper lips.

#4. Test the Nude Shade First

Maybe this will be the first time you’ll be using a nude lipstick, that’s okay. Ease your way into wearing it. You can test it first before buying. If you have a frosted lipstick, use it over your favorite lip color to see if you would like the look. If you want a paler look, lessen the amount of your preferred color and increase more of the nude next time, carefully easing your way into wearing the shade.

#5. Maintain the Creamy and Glossy Nude Lips

Matte nudes can make your lips look dry and aging and frosty or glittery shades can make your lips look grey. You don’t want that! Instead, you can opt for a creamy formula which is heavily available with plenty of brands. This will maintain your lips appearing supple and kissable. To maintain the moist look, you can top it up with gloss during the hours.

Nude lips look best when they are creamy and glossy so keep them scrubbed and moisturized so you can easily create the perfect canvas.

#6. Partner it With Defined Eyes and Flushed Cheeks

Wearing a nude lipstick is all about contrasts. For the perfect effect, pair it with dark, bold, and well-defined eyes to balance out the pale lips. However, if you feel that a dramatic eyes can be too much, you can go for a safer look. Opt for earth toned eyeshadows such as browns, creams, and nudes, or a subtle smokey eye without going overboard.

Don’t forget to add some blush or bronzer to your cheeks to give it a healthy glow to prevent getting washed out.

What do you think? Would you try the nude lip look?


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