Skin Fasting: The New Trend for Clear and Refreshed Skin

Clear and Refreshed Skin

Following your skincare routine is necessary, but have you considered taking a break? No, we are not asking you to leave your skin in despair. Skin fasting is a trending technique wherein you take a temporary break from your daily skincare regimen to let your skin breathe. Applying skincare products daily builds up on the skin. You may vouch for the face cleanser at this point, but all these products contribute to the buildup.

The skin needs a break from the constant application of skincare products, giving it time to repair and rejuvenate. In simpler words, skin fasting is like detoxing your skin from skincare products so that it can breathe and shine naturally. Let’s dive a little deeper into the new concept of skin fasting.

How should you do skin fasting?

By minimising the use of skincare and makeup products in your daily routine, your skin gets a chance to clean out all the buildup and breathe. To do this, you just cleanse your face with a gentle face cleanser and apply a light gel-based moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Gel-based moisturisers are the best moisturisers for oily skin, too, as they are non-greasy and light on the skin.

You should not use any chemical-based skincare products and make-up. Detoxing the skin means keeping away all the hurtful chemicals from the skin. What we recommend using are herbal skincare products as needed. These are chemical-free products with extracts of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and support the skin fasting process, just like you have fruits and salads during fasting periods. 

Fasting for a day, you will see your natural skin. This will help you identify the areas of concern on your skin and treat them right. You can also fast for 3-5 days before concluding for your problem skin.

Once the fasting period is over, slowly introduce the skincare products into your routine. At this point, you can reassess your skin and apply the products according to its requirements. You can start with a vitamin C face wash to bring back your skin’s glow.

What are the benefits of skin fasting?

Once you know what skin fasting is, let’s see some benefits it has for your skin:

  1. Allows skin to breathe: By reducing the usage of makeup and skincare products, skin can breathe and function more efficiently.
  2. Balancing natural oil production: Skin fasting helps balance or regulate the skin’s natural oil production.
  3. Saves money and time: By skin fasting, you save time by cleaning your face with just water and applying a moisturiser if required. You don’t even need to follow your night skincare regime, saving up on your time and money.
  4. Reduces skin sensitivity: Skin fasting also helps reduce skin sensitivity and irritation as the skin gets a break from the potentially damaging ingredients in skincare products.

How often should you do skin fasting?

There isn’t any specific time or period for skin fasting, but you can consider it whenever your skin needs a break and self-rejuvenation. Skin fasting can be done once a month. It should be avoided in extreme weather conditions or during a weather change when you need a deep-nourishing moisturiser as good as the best moisturiser for oily skin to prevent skin dryness and flakiness. If you are taking a specific or medicated skincare treatment, consult your dermatologist before going for skin fasting.

Who can do skin fasting?

Anyone can do skin fasting. You need to understand your skin type before fasting. You may feel the need for skin fasting when you include too many products in your skincare regimen that suit your skin type. For instance, you may be adding serums, deep moisturisers, and crème facewash for your dry skin. This might tempt you to often go for skin fasting, but never go for long and frequent periods as it may dry out your skin, causing severe effects.

The duration of skin fasting differs from person to person according to skin type and skincare routine. If your skin is sensitive or acne-prone or you are undergoing any treatment, such as anti-ageing treatment, consult your dermatologist before considering skin fasting. They may suggest you continue your vitamin C face wash during fasting or go for plain water face washing.

Skin fasting is a simplified and minimal approach to balancing and rejuvenating the skin by taking a break from the skincare routine for healthy skin and using herbal skincare products. In contrast, skin fasting gives the skin the nutrients and nourishment it requires to heal and rejuvenate. Check the vast range of Lotus Herbals skincare products to treat your skin right during fasting and year-round.